14 Things To Have At A Dead Yard


14* Disposable cups for Pot Soup

13* Disposable cups for Liquor

12* Loads of disposable Plates

11* Thick coffee, the stronger the better!

10* Someone in charge solely of running errands

09* A Big Box of Chicken for all your soup and curry chicken needs

08* Dominoes & Ludu Board

07* Chairs and at least two tables

06* That one guy who you know will get drunk and entertain the entire crowd

05* A Giant Dancehall Pot of Food

04* A Large Tarpaulin

03* A Dead yard Duppy band

and MC(Preferably paid separate) to keep the function lively.

02* Rum and Other Assorted Liquors

the more the merrier

01* Loads of Crispy Fried Fish and Bread