Would You Vote Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley For National Hero Status? Do so Now


These are some of the reasons why we should make Robert Nesta Marley a National Hero of Jamaica

While we are more partial to Peter Tosh here at Bongonaught, there’s an undeniable fact of the accolades Mr. Marley should receive, and even when he does, it would not be enough for what he has done for an entire nation throughout its generations.

  1. Words are powerful, especially when saying something without using the specific tune of the words. Honourable Michael Manley Already proclaimed him to be a national hero, so why not you too?

2. His protest and prophetic words reached far and wide, but they were spoken as one man, born in one place, with a single identity, speaking to, and on behalf of all humankind.

3. He took on the biggest challenges against him and outlived them all spiritually

5. Suppression Could not stop the progression of his words.

6. “True Great” doesn’t begin to define his ability and consciousness transfer down to future generations.

7. We have an obvious respect for the existing national hero, and we also acknowledge that the great Bob has made tremendous strides to free us mentally and physically, which is still continued in this generation.

8. Calling Mr. Marley a superstar is quite belittling. He is his own movement, at his own pace, and it is something he has passed down to his lineage.


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